Problems With the Samsung HDTV

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    Won't Switch On

    • A particularly troubling problem reported by one Samsung HDTV owner is that the television would not turn on at all. Even more disturbing, this user reported that this problem occurred on a television under 2 months old.

    Won't Stay On

    • Another Samsung HDTV owner reported a related issue: in this case, the owner could switch the television set on, but it would only remain switched on for a short time, about 30 seconds or so. After this brief interval, the television would go out. Another owner reported that after an interval of service, his Samsung HDTV would turn itself off in response to loud noises in the programming itself. If the on-screen action included something like a scream or a gunshot, this caused the television to shut itself off.

    Lines Across Screen

    • A few owners reported lines across the screen, including the presence of a blue line across the television's screen. Another owner reported multiple horizontal lines which peculiarly ran across the top third of the screen only, both of these reported on the Samsung TV forum. A forum contributor reported blue lines not just across the screen, but also up and down.

    Other Unusual Screen Patterns

    • The forum where Samsung HDTV picture problems are discussed is full of accounts of people experiencing unusual patterns. An owner reported that the digital stations only were affected by an even more disconcerting screen disruption pattern. In this instance, the television displayed a combination of flashing white and reddish or pinkish rectangles. The owner indicated that this pattern on the HD channels was visible only if you carefully looked for it, but that on the digital channels this pattern was so pronounced as to make the actual programming unwatchable. Further problems reported with regard to the picture included "bowing" of the picture such that the outer edges were off the screen, a Samsung HDTV having no picture at all, as reported in on the Samsung TV forum, and blurriness (which was associated with the television that also had blue lines going both up and down and across).

    Miscellaneous Complaints

    • Other reported problems with Samsung HDTVs posted in the forum included complaints of sound with no picture, static accompanying the sound and in one instance an owner reported a loud popping sound from the television followed by complete failure of the television set.

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