Foods to Eat to Help Lower Your Blood Pressure Quickly

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Foods to eat to lower your blood pressure quickly are readily available and cheap.
A trip to the produce aisle is really all you need to do.
The food we use to fuel our bodies determines how well the body will perform.
Unfortunately, for most Americans it's like pumping leaded gasoline into a car that runs on unleaded.
The car will start and it will run for a period of time but ultimately the engine will be ruined.
Our obsession with salt, fatty red meat and a fast lane lifestyle has created a disease that kills over 50,000 people per year.
What's really sad is that high blood pressure is preventable and reversible naturally, without medication, yet so many either don't know how or simply ignore the changes they need to make.
First of all, the fastest way to lower blood pressure, and I mean immediately, is exercise.
Thirty minutes or more of brisk walking can shave 2 to 4 points from your pressure and the effect can last up to 22 hours.
Now on to the food that can lower blood pressure by 20 points inside of two weeks.
Bananas: Nature's idea of fast food; it's portable, requires no utensils, and if your careful no napkin is needed.
Bananas are an excellent source of potassium (something most HBP sufferers are deficient in) and dietary fiber.
Eat at least one a day.
Blueberries: An outstanding source of aggressive antioxidants that block plaque from building up and reverse other damage done by free radicals.
Eat 1 serving (half cup) per day.
Garlic: Not only does it protect you from vampires, the amazing garlic lowers blood pressure and serum cholesterol.
In addition it interferes with the creation of blood clots.
It is also believed to be a defense for colon and stomach cancer.
Eat at least one clove per day.
This might best be achieved using a garlic supplement.
Tomatoes: Tomatoes produce lycopene a particularly effective antioxidant.
They are also a good source of fiber.
If you can eat half a medium tomato a day, that's great.
Otherwise just have tomato juice during the day.
Water: Dehydration is becoming an increasing problem in the U.
Water flushes the body of waste and also softens the arteries allowing them to dilate properly.
Drink at least 5 glasses of water daily.
Salt: Just say no to salt.
Take the shaker off the table.
American's eat 6 times the amount of salt that the body needs.
If you can stick to these tips for two weeks you will see a significant decrease in your blood pressure.
If you can manage some exercise it will be even greater as exercise not only does the body good but burns off the hormones created by stress as well.
Your heart will thank you!
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