How to Give Her the Greatest Orgasm Ever! An Absolute Must Know For Every Man

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If you truly want to take your girl on a whirlwind tour of orgasmic heaven then here are a few tips that could help you turn into the best seductive guide ever.
Build up lust.
You should make sure that your girl feels comfortable in your presence.
You can build up lust and romance too by treating your girl as a princess.
Take it slowly.
Do not be in a hurry to tear out of your clothes and initiate the act.
Instead, start out by lovingly holding hands, hugging and kissing before proceeding to some intense French kissing.
Explore her body first.
Instead of locking on to her clitoris make sure that you slowly explore other sensual parts of her body first such as her thighs, navel, the nape of her neck, followed by her breasts and buttocks.
Linger at the gateway of pleasure.
You should use your moist lips, flickering tongue and probing fingers to kiss and caress all the sensitive parts of her body.
You should also tease her with your tongue and lips so as to get her totally aroused.
Initiate cunnilingus.
Cunnilingus will start the chain of orgasms within your girl's body.
You can start slowly and easily stimulate your girl's clitoris with the help of your tongue.
She is sure to moan out in unrestrained joy as she hurtles towards her first orgasm.
Initiate operation g spot.
After clitoral stimulation, you could send her speeding towards another massive orgasm by inserting your fingers in her vagina and firmly massaging her g spot.
Now, for the grand finale.
After a few exhausting orgasms, your girl will be ready for the grand finale and you can now mount her in various exciting positions.
Make sure that your penis too moves over her g spot so that she screams out your name over and over again as she hurtles towards another earth-shaking orgasm.
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