How to Plant Cardinal Plant Seeds

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    • 1). Obtain cardinal plant seeds from a nursery or garden store, or from a specialty mail-order catalog that features wildflower species. Alternatively, harvest seeds from a mature cardinal plant. Collect the dried seed head, left behind after a flower has wilted. Crush it to expose the tiny seeds inside.

    • 2). Choose your garden plot for the flowers. Cardinal plants require even, well-drained loamy soil. Remove all surface plants and debris. Rake the area to remove sticks and rocks.

    • 3). Break apart the soil with a spade to a depth of 6 inches. If your soil is comprised of clay or sand, amend as needed with peat moss or compost.

    • 4). Scatter the cardinal plant seeds on the surface of the bare dirt. Do not bury or rake the seeds into the soil. You may scatter the seeds by hand, or by placing them into a mechanical garden seed spreader.

    • 5). Water the scattered seeds. Sprinkle gently to avoid pushing the cardinal plant seeds into the dirt, as they germinate best when lying directly on the dirt. Water twice daily to keep the soil moist. The seeds will germinate within two weeks.

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