When Do You Play Better Golf?

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It's a strange question, but one that golfers all over the world need to ask themselves if they want to be successful.
I'm sure that if you were pressed for an answer, you could name some of your best rounds that you have ever played.
You might also be able to name some of the worst rounds you have played, but those aren't really important for the purpose of improving your game.
If you want to play better golf, you need to remember what better golf feels like and try to repeat whatever it was that led to your improved play.
For many golfers out there, playing better golf is all about the head.
They have had all of the lessons, they have the right clubs and balls, but they don't have it in the six inches between the ears.
That said, it is easy to improve the mental side of your game if you take a little bit of time to focus.
The majority of amateur golfers out there lose strokes off of their game because they get anxious and uncomfortable.
They want to play better golf, but each and every time they hit a bad shot, they become very negative.
It's your job to push those negative thoughts to the side and bring back the memories of good golf that you have played.
Maybe you play better golf when you are with a certain group of friends.
Maybe you play better golf when you are on your home course.
Whatever the case, it all comes down to comfort.
The challenge, then, is to bottle up that comfort and take it with you to every course you play and every foursome you join.
The first way to do this is to completely simplify your game.
Not everything has to be complicated in golf.
In fact, it can be very simple if you will let it be.
If you really seek to play better golf, you have to make sure that your swing is something you can repeat.
Any hacker or duffer can hit a decent shot every blue moon, but the good players are the ones who have a consistent motion that they lean on.
Practice making your shot as simple as possible.
Don't try to kill the ball and don't force yourself to think that you have hit the perfect shot.
If you are looking to play better golf, then you have to be relaxed on the course.
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