Article Writing - There is Subject Matter Everywhere

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The start of the week is always a good time to write articles.
A relaxing weekend spurs the brain for action and there are plenty of topics and themes that spring to mind all ripe for article content.
I get inspiration from several places.
This weekend I was in a nature park.
There were the usual activities - mums and dads with their children, fields with kids playing, birds singing and people paddling in the pool.
There was ice cream.
candy, picnics - a whole range of family activities.
It was a tranquil and relaxing experience.
What better place to think of article topics! Already I can think of several: - what makes the birds sing so brightly - how children and their parents interact - why we love to play games - how wonderful spring is - how fattening ice cream must be - everything and anything to do with nature This very article has been spawned from my weekend experiences.
There are topics and subjects in everything we see, do, touch, feel and smell.
You should never be at a loss to find material for your articles.
You can get ideas from other places, too, of course.
There are endless possibilities to get subject matter from conversations, from reading books and magazines, from the TV and radio.
What did you speak about at that party? What did you do at work? What inspires you, drives you, channels you? People are interested in what makes you tick and what makes you the person you are.
Your articles can define you and give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings.
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