Why Branding Your Name Is Good For Internet Marketers

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If you are marketing a product or service on the internet it is important to havecredibility.
People will buy from people they trust.
This is a fact.
If you run a nameless faceless website than it creates anonymity and a situation where the customer might not feel comfortable making a purchase from you.
As marketers it is extremely important to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.
The best way to do this is to put your name on everything you do.
Putting your name on everything will help establish you as an authority in your niche.
People will look toward you as the source of useful information.
They will take your recommendations seriously and are most likely to make a purchase with you.
Not only will they make one purchase from you, they are generally more likely to become repeat customers if they feel they can trust you.
This is why autoresponders in your business are important.
It allows a relationship to form between you and the customer.
They start seeing your name in their email box on a regular basis.
If you write articles you should always include your name on them.
Press releases, videos and Ebooks are all great ways to get your name out there.
Other ways of getting known are interviewing top people in your niche or participating on a teleconference with other well known marketers.
This will provide even more exposure to a larger audience.
If you can align yourself with someone who has already established trust with customers it not only help brand your name but give you a certain amount of credibility with a new audience.
We can learn a lot from Donald Trump.
He has made a business out of branding his name.
He has put his name on his books, buildings and everything he does.
His name is the brand.
People know who he is and know what to expect when they buy one of his products.
Alright, we can't all be a Donald Trump, but you can be very popular in your own niche.
If you are offering the same product as many other people on the internet you have to stop and think of why someone would want to buy that same product from you versus someone else.
What makes you unique and different? Well, for starters your name and face set you apart from the rest.
We all have our own unique skill sets that we bring to the table and it's your job to tie that into your name and what you can offer your customers.
Be the brand and create a situation where people buy from you based on who you are because they already have come to know what to expect from you.
Familiarity builds trust.
Creating that in your business will help you build your business greater than you ever expected.
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