What Methods of Payment Are There to Pay a Credit Card?

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    • With widespread consolidation in the banking industry since 2000, more branches now accept payments than ever before. National banking giants, such as Bank of America, Chase and Citibank, and regional players, such as Wachovia and TD Bank, offer the ability to pay in person at the branch. This also allows consumers to accomplish multiple banking tasks at the same place.

    Landline And Mobile Phone

    • Many banks now offer specific mobile-phone applications that make it easy and automated to pay bills. Users enter information for their credit card and can then simply enter date and amount. Landline users can also use the regular phone to provide an order of answers to easily pay their bills. Either way, payments are more often than not credited the same day as long as made before 3 p.m.


    • Most banks provide a credit section along with all other bank account, loan and branch information. Consumers generally have the option of paying their cards directly online, whether for local, regional or national banks. After secure login, most sites will remember key information such as account number and address. Consumers then simply have to enter the date and amount.


    • The mail used to be the primary method to pay the monthly credit card bill, but has become less used given the other easy options that provide more immediate credit. Nonetheless, consumers can still mail checks with the tear-off portion to their credit cards, a process that generally takes four to six business days for crediting.

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