Full Moon Rising - One Of The Best Paranormal Romance Werewolf Books

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As far as paranormal romance and werewolf books go, Keri Arthur is still one of the best on my favorites list.
Her characters and storyline are intriguing and one of a kind.
And I'll go as far as to say even unique! As one of the Riley Jenson Guardian series, Full Moon Rising is the book that drew my attention to this author.
I know I am a little late discovering this series, but on the bright side, I don't have to wait for the next book release! I've already added her entire Riley Jenson Guardian series and her back list to must have list.
Arthur throws us right into the action within the first few pages and immediately we get a feel for the type of heroine Riley will turn out to be.
In the beginning of the series, Riley along with her twin brother Rhoan, are both part of the Directorate - an organization which is responsible for policing all the supernatural races.
They investigate any and all murder cases that involve vampires, werewolves, or shape-shifters.
While Riley's job function is supposed to be more in the secretarial area, her superior has been insistently pushing her in the direction of becoming a Guardian in the same steps as her brother.
But becoming a trained assassin for the Directorate is the very last thing she wants.
When her brother goes missing, a turn of fate steps in and forces her into the position of searching for him.
But as fate would have it, along the way she meets an ├╝ber sexy vampire, Quinn, who just happened to be standing deliciously naked on her doorstep when she found him, with a minor loss of memory.
But her werewolf feelings set aside, she has to resist the intense cravings the heat of the moon brings out between them long enough to search out and find her brother.
Arthur delivered fast paced action with some of the sexiest supernatural men that I've read about with a group of tasteful, easy to relate to characters, and some wickedly disturbing plot twists.
Altogether, I loved Book one of the Riley Jenson series, Full Moon Rising.
I've already got Kissing Sin - Book 2 sitting on my e-reader, waiting for me to dive in! If you are a lover of werewolf books, paranormal romance, and dark, urban fantasy, this book is high on my MUST READ LIST and I highly recommend it for yours!
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