Plastics in the Environment: How Do They Affect Children?

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´╗┐Plastics in the Environment: How Do They Affect Children?

Advice For Physicians

For patients wanting advice as to how to reduce exposure, the following may be suggested (particularly for women of child-bearing age and young parents):

  • Consider using glass bottles instead of plastic bottles;

  • Reduce the use of canned foods;

  • Avoid using any plastic products in the microwave oven or dishwasher because heating can increase the amount of the chemical leached from the container;

  • Avoid placing liquids with high acid content in plastic containers; and

  • When purchasing products, look for the triangular symbol with a number in the middle of it. The numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 indicate plastics that do not have either phthalates or BPA.

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