Essential Baby Gifts

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    • Even though babies do not initially sleep with loose blankets in their cribs, they still need plenty of blankets. Parents will often swaddle the baby with receiving blankets or use blankets when nursing, taking the baby out or even just cuddling around the house. After the baby no longer needs as many small blankets, the mom can cut some of her favorites into squares and make a larger quilt with the old blankets.

    Baby Monitor

    • Baby monitors assure parents that they will hear when their baby wakes up in the night or after a nap. A baby monitor with two receivers is ideal so one can stay in the parents' bedroom and the other can be out in the main living area of the house. This keeps the parents from having to move the monitor into the living room while the baby is napping and back into the bedroom every night.

    Diaper Bag

    • A diaper bag is an essential organizer for having everything on hand when taking the baby out of the house. Select a bag that is durable and has plenty of pouches and pockets for diapers, wipes, diaper cream, medicine, pacifiers, toys, bottles and snacks. The dad will appreciate a gender-neutral bag so he is comfortable carrying it as well.

    Travel System

    • Although it can be expensive, a travel system is a must-have for a new baby, and in fact, it is needed to get the baby home from the hospital. Most travel systems include a car seat and a base that is installed in the car and holds the seat snapped in. Some systems also include a matching stroller into which the car seat can snap, which is helpful because the parents don't even have to take the baby out of the car seat to put her in the stroller.

    Feeding Items

    • Even if a mom is planning to nurse her baby, she will still probably want to have a bottle around for the occasions on which she needs to leave her baby for a few hours. In addition, babies need bibs, spoons and no-spill cups for when they start to eat solid foods and drink water or juice. Bibs with snaps are more difficult for babies to pull off than bibs with Velcro closures.

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