How Does Antiperspirant Work?

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Where does one stand when others will not listen? The thought on an issue is so diverse the reality you state sounds like any other statement.
The ideal you give is buried and considered to be at best an opinion.
When all others you meet states a truth you know in your heart is a lie but they don't accept your fact? You give to them the facts of your side of the matter.
Still they reject its validity and retain their viewpoint of the issue.
How does one change the reality of their statements, which to them is as gold? The faith conveyed in their views as a secure home with comforts.
The thought to them of releasing the grip on that believed a betrayal to their well being.
The end result of any effort by you is fear to them.
The fear summoning forth anger that drives to terminate the giver of the outside view.
Isn't this the cup, which hung Jesus on the cross? The story fact which destroyed the prophets of old? The story of the Bible states God created the worlds of angel and adam.
God state in the existence was not in a state of nothing but in heaven.
This heaven was before the formation of the worlds of angel and adam.
The fact not known or missing is God definition of the heaven.
The story thought of the creation of the heaven and the earth in the world of angel.
The story declaring three dimensions of existence called heaven and not the sole fact we define of our world.
We define the state of the earth but not its reality in the fact of the Bible story.
The heaven and the earth formed in the story were for the world of adam.
Our world defines God state in nothingness and comes to the established earth.
Our world structured concept of this statement avoids the formation of the world of angel.
Our view of the world relate to the known realities we know of the existence.
This fact is not the declared account of the Bible story.
The story states God created from nothing the established existence.
The statement is true and we must hold to the story account.
Yet, there are considerations to apply to this statement in the story.
The Bible view demands the teller of the story was an angel.
It's in the perception of angel the reader must identify to the content of the Bible statements.
The ideal of "nothing" conveys a state in the host of angel world once not there.
The heaven of angel has an established essence in the state of the existence.
God act of creation develops from the known essence in angel world a new fact into its existence.
The fact of angel known world has become changed by this new fact seemingly to its host from nothing.
So comes the question, Is there a missing account? The question asked of a missing account request was answered.
The replied answer was without doubt; there was no missing account in the Bible.
The opinion based on the assembled book but not its story content we define as truth.
The Bible complete thought is shared among those who uphold the testament of the story account as true.
The statement is not to proclaim there are no books missing from the Bible.
The statement is in agreement to the fact there is no critical account missing out of the Bible.
Jesus and the prophet walk in the Bible did not stop the pondering doubts about the story.
The value of their statements viewed as an opinion led to their denial.
The missing account aids our dark side hiding those viewed things of their spoken awareness.
The reader had to understand in order to know the Bible making of man.
Our Bible truth is not able to resolve the debates of its proper translation among us.
We can state without the Bible fact Jesus was the beginning of the Word in the story.
Not knowing the Bible account Jesus first walk was in the world of angel.
Jesus in the story of the Bible walked this path of existence in life twice.
The second walk with Jesus was in the world of man.
Jesus is with God in the creation of this beginning.
God acclaimed Jesus statement the Spirit of God.
Thus, the fact of our statement without their truth is the missing account.
May we all grow in the wisdom and prosperity of God will, Alexander Coppedge TPAC manager http://www.
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