How to Remove Trojan Gpcoder

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    • 1). Restart your computer in Windows "Safe Mode" by rapidly hitting the "F8" key during the rebooting process.

    • 2). Open Windows Internet Explorer by selecting the "Windows" and "E" keys simultaneously.

    • 3). Navigate to the "C:\windows" directory on your computer. Click the "Windows" and "E" buttons. Left click the "c:\" drive icon visible in Windows Explorer, then choose the "Windows" directory. Left click the file name label at the top of the "c:\windows" directory file labels to alphabetize the file listing. Scroll to the files that start with the letter "N" and delete any instances of the "Ntos.exe" file.

    • 4). Restart your computer, and the Gpcoder Trojan virus should be removed from your computer.

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