Computer Careers for Women

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    Medical Transcriptionist

    • Medical transcriptionists are in charge of listening to recordings from medical professionals and writing them into reports. They need to understand the language that physicians use to write down the correct information. Medical transcriptionist programs might help you get started by teaching you about anatomy and other pertinent information. According the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' article, "Medical Transcriptionists," job prospects are supposed to grow 11 percent for medical transcriptionists from through 2018. If you have certification from a program, you should be qualified to look for a transcriptionist job from a hospital.

    Video Editor

    • Video editors are typically familiar with Final Cut Pro software, which helps you cut and edit footage. The position requires that you are in charge of editing together footage from film, television and commercials. You should pay close attention to the story that should be told and take into account the music that goes with the footage. Quality editing takes practice; attending a workshop or college course in Final Cut Pro might help you get started. You can find video editing positions on online freelancing websites that hire people for projects. Your employer typically sends you the footage and you are able to do the work from home. If you work freelance for a local company, you might still be able to edit from home.

    Website Designer

    • Website designers are in charge of organizing and developing the content for someone's website. Formal training through college classes might be helpful; you can take computer and graphic design courses. You can find freelance work by teaching yourself how to use the latest web design software. The people hiring you care more about whether you have the skills and might not mind whether you have certification in your field. You can find freelance clients by networking with business owners, musicians and artists who want to display their work.

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