Natural Toothache Pain Relief

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    Topical Pain Relief

    • There are a few natural things that you can apply to the affected tooth to alleviate discomfort. Some of these essential oils would include clove oil, myrrh, peppermint and chamomile. It is best to dilute them in a carrier oil like almond or sunflower oil. You can use two drops of essential oil to one drop of carrier oil. Goldenseal is another wonderful herb to apply to a toothache because it has antibacterial and healing properties.

    Oral Pain Relief

    • Often, taking an oral pain reliever can help ease the discomfort caused by toothache. Try a natural pain reliever like belladonna, capsaicin or arnica. These can all be purchased from most online or retail supplement supply stores. Take as directed on the product packaging.


    • Use a natural rinse that has antiseptic properties; this should help keep the area free of germs. Try rinsing with comfrey tea, which also has healing properties. You can also try a tea with turmeric which is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

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