Pluto - Mickey"s Loyal Best Friend

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Pluto, also known as Pluto the Pup, is Mickey's pet dog in the Walt Disney world.
He is not like Goofy, as he cannot speak and he walks on all four legs.
Despite this, he shows off his personality as a pet dog in cartoons and comics.
He communicates by barking accompanied with his facial expressions.
He is a very loyal and friendly dog, and follows most of the general characteristics of a perfect dog and pet.
He started out as an unknown bloodhound, but eventually he became a permanent character as Mickey's pet dog.
His name was given in 1931 in the cartoon "The Moose Hunt".
Ever since then, he has been appearing in almost all of the cartoons and comics with Mickey and the gang.
After he was shown, he has become the fifth most popular Disney character, just following Goofy.
And he was also named the number one greatest animated pet of all time.
Pluto also had his own cartoons and had a set of doggie friends like Fifi the Peke, Ronnie the St.
Bernard, and Dinah the Dachshund.
Fifi was his first girlfriend, since she was the pet dog of Minnie Mouse.
Later, he fell in love with Dinah the Dachshund.
With his friends, he escaped from people like Black Pete and Donald Duck, who tried to capture them at various times.
Pluto, along with the other Disney Characters, appeared in the video game "Kingdom Hearts" and is still Mickey's pet dog.
He goes around helping Mickey and delivering things.
In the sequel to the game, he stays with the character Kairi and follows her around.
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