Romantic Valentines Day Gifts-America Produces Large Amounts Of Romantic Gifts

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The U.
Census Bureau keeps more facts than you can imagine.
Well, most people can't imagine why they track so many items and create the statistics that they hear.
However, many of them give you a sense of amazement when you hear them.
For example, over 6,000 couples get married everyday in the USA.
That's a lot of rice being thrown.
And that adds up to over 2.
2 million marriages every year.
Now I can begin to fathom why we have so many bridal magazines.
That many nuptials every year support a huge bridal industry.
Hallmark research tells us that over 192 million Valentine's Day cards are given every year.
That makes this holiday the second most popular occasion for sending greeting cards.
The funny twist about all these cards is that 60 percent of them are bought in the last six days before Valentine's Day.
The U.
Census Bureau also found that 145,800 couples were married in Nevada in 2004.
Even though Nevada ranks 35th in population, they rank 4th nationally in performing marriages.
Unfortunately, they have not kept any figures on how many Elvis impersonators presided at those marriages.
The average American ate 4.
7 pounds of candy in 2004.
43,379 employees made chocolate at 1,271 locations in 2003.
California has 146 chocolate manufacturers which puts them at the most of any state.
If you don't love chocolate like the air you breathe, you can get your non-chocolate candy from the 519 places that make it.
However, the chocolate industry produced $13.
5 billion dollars compared to the non-chocolate confectionary industry which produced only $5.
5 billion.
You can buy candy at 3,523 candy and nut stores in the United States.
So if you can't find a place to buy candy for Valentine's Day, then you are just not looking hard enough.
California produces about 75 percent of the $422 million wholesale flower production industry.
In 2003 the USA had over 22,000 florists which employed 113,270 people.
So if you are not getting good service from the florist that you've been using, you can try the other 22,000.
The floral surprise is that in 2004 only $43 million was spent on roses versus $78 million for lilies.
But that does not mean that you should give lilies for Valentine's Day.
Stick with the roses because you'll have a better outcome.
Valentine's Day has produced an industry that exists to help you create a memorable passionate event.
Let this time of romance inspire you.
To create more romance in your life, use February to plan romantic weekends in the months of April, July, and October.
You deserve to have romantic events in your life all year long.
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