Alternatives to Limos for Weddings

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    • Exotic, expensive, and even vintage cars can be rented from general or specialized car rental companies. If you know someone who restores or collects old cars, you might be able to borrow one from them. If there is a car that is special to you in some way, you can consider renting that one. Or perhaps if there is a car you've dreamed of, but never been able to afford to buy, you could rent that for your special day.


    • If you are having a classic style wedding, you can find classic transportation to bring you to it. Horse drawn vehicles come in many sizes, from simple one-horse buggies to four-horse enclosed carriages. Rickshaws, or pedicabs (person drawn carriages) are available in some areas. These often can only carry one or two people, so they won't work for large groups, but can be suitable for transporting the bride and groom.

    Public Transportation

    • If you are transporting a large group of people either to the wedding or from the wedding to the reception, you can look into taking providing a ride from something built to move a lot of people at once. Some tour services that use double-decker buses also rent them out to private parties. Trolley services, party buses, shuttle services, even school buses can sometimes be rented, borrowed, or leased for weddings.


    • If there is some hobby or activity that is special to you as a couple, you can find some means of transportation that fits with that. World War II re-enactors might want to take a rebuilt 1940s military Jeep, or a motorcycle with a sidecar. Horse enthusiasts could ride up on their own or rented horses, while bicycle riders could take a tandem bike built for two. Couples who like boating (and are getting married near the water) can ride up in a ski boat or perhaps a larger vessel.

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