A Fishing Rod, Thermos of Hot Cocoa Combine For a Great Day of Fishing in Your Ice Shanty

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Your trusty Ice rod is part of your fishing gear you take out on the ice for a day of fishing.
It has served you well over the years by pulling in walleye, Northern Pike or even some tasty bluegill.
Ice fishing is a time honored tradition passed down from generation to generation in the northern hemisphere.
Many enjoy ice fishing as a way to spend some time with close friends in the middle of nowhere or as part of a larger group of fishermen sitting in an ice shanty town.
Whether you are by yourself or with close friends, ice fishing is one of the best experiences a person can have.
Once the lakes are frozen, each person loads up his gear and packs his sled to head out to the perfect spot hundreds of feet off shore.
Drilling the ice hole is easily done and has a twinge of excitement as you can see some of the large shadows just inches beneath your feet.
You know it is going to be a day filled with good hunting and tasty perch on the Coleman stove you have packed onto your sled.
Pitch your ice shanty, unfold your chair and place your line into the blue water.
Sit back, grab a mug of grandma's special hot chocolate and you are ready for pulling in the "Big One".
After some time, your pole flag begins to dip and dance.
The adrenaline rush begins you reach for your pole and find the other end heavy with at least a 2 pound walleye dangling on the other end.
He begins to thrash beneath the hole as you reel him in.
Once out, he flaps and flails on the ice and one of many fish you haul onto the surface ice.
Lunch is spectacular! There is nothing like fresh fish grilled on a camping stove with some beans and cornbread from home.
At the end of the day, you break camp and head back with the rest of your catch and your trusty ice rod in tow.
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