7 Leafy African Recipes to Try

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For anyone who has been under the impression that African cuisine is unhealthy, this could not be further from the truth. Green leaf vegetables are an absolute staple across all regions of Africa and are not only healthy but nutrient rich. Furthermore, different cooking techniques reveal that some African dishes are virtually fat free. 

1. Ndole (Bitterleaf/Spinach, Peanut and Prawn Casserole)

Ndole is synonymous with Cameroon cuisine and is widely accepted as Cameroon's national dish. Delve into Central African Cuisine with this dish.More »

2. Caldo Verde (Kale Soup)

Caldo verde, an Angolan recipe, is a thick kale and potato soup which is the perfect marriage between Portuguese cuisine and indigenous Central African Cuisine. Adding Portuguese chouriço sausage (similar to Spanich chorizo) adds extra bite and flavour.More »

3. Sukuma Wiki (Pan Seared Greens)

 Sukuma wiki is a popular and well loved East African dish. It is made by sautéing, stir frying, braising or pan searing greens such as mustard greens, collards, spring greens kale or cabbage.More »

4. Fumbwa (Wild Spinach Stew)

Fumbwa is the Congolese name for wild spinach. It combines peanuts, palm oil and smoked catfish to make a delightful casserole. If wild spinach is not available at your local African market, use ordinary baby spinach.More »

5. Palaver Sauce

Palaver sauce is the famed West African spinach stew with melon seeds and palm oil. It often has both fish and meat incorporated into the dish, hence the name palaver sauce. I have however written a simply "no palaver" recipe for any first timers.More »

6. Vegan Caldo Verde

 Did I hear vegan caldo verde anyone? Yes! Caldo verde is a wonderful addition to the local cuisines of countries such as Angola and Mozambique thanks to Portuguese influence. Try this amazing kale and potato soup today.More »

7. Muriwo une dovi (Nutty Spinach Stew)

Muriwo une dovi means "vegetables and peanut". It is a much loved Zimbabwean dish and is very popular at barbecues, potluck get-togethers or simply as a side dish to the humble home meal with sadza. The ingredients are so simple. Onions, tomatoes, spinach and peanut butter are all you need to get started.More »

Why Healthy Eaters Should Try These Recipes

African cuisine offers healthy recipes to give you the edge you need to keep any diet or lifestyle vibrant. With ingredients such as red palm oil, amaranth leaves and wild spinach, you could also be doing your heart a lot of good. Palm oil has been proven to reduce cholesterol, whilst a variety of African greens have properties which reduce high blood pressure and control diabetes. Wild spinach, known botanically as gnetum africanum, is a natural remedy for relieving symptoms of nausea. So go on and try some fumbwa at your nearest Congolese restaurant.
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