Samsung Formally Announces 2015 SUHD and UHD TV Line-Up

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Dateline: 04/03/2015
Updated: 04/28/2015
In a recent post, I reported on some intitial details on Samsung's forthcoming 4K TV line-up for 2015, as obtained by HD Guru. However, Samsung has now come forth and formally announced features and pricing for their entire 2015 SUHD and UHD line-up. Also, just to clarify, SUHD and UHD are Samsung's designations for what we know as 4K Ultra HD TVs - All TVs discussed in this article are 4K Utra HD TVs using Samsung's SUHD or UHD moniker.

NOTE: The "S" in SUHD has no official meaning other than it is attached to Samsung's highest-end 4K Ultra HD TVs.

First off, all the sets below are Smart TVs and Samsung has stated that all of their Smart TVs (whether SUHD, UHD, or 1080p) incorporate the Tizen Smart TV Operating System (which is replacing Samsung's previous Smart Apps platform). All Samsung Smart TVs incorporate both Ethernet and Wifi connectivity.

However, that is just the start, select TVs with the SUHD designation for 2015 also incorporate Quantum Dots (Samsung is using the label Nano Crystals), which is designed to improve picture quality performance that rivals what you might see on a Plasma or OLED TV. Since Plasma TVs have been discontinued and OLED TVs are very expensive, this places Quantum Dot LED/LCD TVs in an interest market position.

Also, in addition to Quantum Dots, select SUHD TVs also incorporate Full-Array Backlighting with Local Dimming, HDR (High Dynamic Range - which Samsung Refers to as Peak Illuminator Ultimate) technology that is designed to deliver a much wider brightness and contrast range to the LED/LCD TV platform that previously possible.

To further support HDR technology, Samsung has partnered with several manufacturers and movie studios (the UHD Alliance) to incorporate the necessary content-encoding to make maximum use of this capability.

Now that I have outlined the overall Samsung SUHD/UHD TV strategy, here is an overview on the actual TVs that will be available.

Samsung SUHD TVs

JS9500 Series: This series has it all: Curved Screen, Peak Illuminator Ultimate, 3D viewing capability (Active Shutter system), and an 8 Core Processor. There are now three models in this series: $22,999 for the 88-inch UN88JS9500 - Check Prices, $16,999 for the UN78JS9500 - Check Prices, and $5,999 for the 65-inch UN65JS9500 (Samsung now states that this set will be priced $6,499 - Check Prices.

JS9100 Series: This series was not revealed in my earlier report, but it looks like that the 78-inch model previously indicated as being a part of the JS9500 Series is actually just a single entry in the JS9100 Series, the UN78JS9100, and will be priced at $9999.99. It has not been formally announced whether this model incorporates Quantum Dot Nano-Crystals, but does include a toned own version of HDR (referred to as Peak Illuminator Pro). It is not indicated so far whether this set incorporates Full-Array backlighting, or is Edge Lit. The JS9100 features a curved screen.

JS9000 Series: This series definitely incorporates Quantum Dot/Nano Crystals, LED edge lighting, and  Peak Illuminator Pro. 3D viewing capability is also included. There are three models in this series: UN65JS9000 (65-inches - $4,999.99 - Check Prices), UN55JS9000 (55-inches - $3999.99 - Check Prices), and the UN48JS9000 (48-inches - $3499 - Check Prices). All of sets provide a metal, rather than plastic, bezel, giving this series a more "artistic". Also, with smaller curved screen sizes (and prices) than the JS9500 and JS9100 series, these sets should attract a wider customer base.

JS8500 Series: This series trades out a curved screen for the more traditional flat screen format. However, Quantum Dot/Nano Crystal technology and Peak Iluminator Pro are both included, as well as Precision Black, which enhances both contrast and color performance. The JS8500 series sets are Edge-lit. A 3D viewing option is also included. In my previous report I indicated that there were three sets in this series, but Samsung has, so far, only announced two: UN65JS8500 (65-inches - $3999 - Check Prices), UN55JS8500 (55-inches - $2999 - Check Prices).

UPDATE 07/17/15: Samsung Adds JS7000 Series To SUHD TV Line.

Samsung UHD TVs

JU7500 Series: Featuring curved screens, this series doesn't have the embellishments of the SUHD sets, but does include a Peak Iluminator (not the Pro version) as well as precision black, enhanced color performance, and 3D viewing capability. There are five sets in this series: UN78JU7500 (78-inches - $5,999.99 - Check Prices), UN65JU7500 (65-inches - $2,999 - Check Prices), UN55JU7500 (55-inches - $1,999.99 - Check Prices), UN48JU7500 (48-inches - $1,599.99 - Check Prices), and UN40JU7500 (40-inches - $1,399.99 - Check Prices).

JU7100 Series: This series features flat screens, Peak Iluminator and local dimming for enhanced brightnes and contrast range. across the entire screen surface, as well as 3D viewing capability. The sets included in this series are: UN75JU7100 (75-inches - $4,999.99 - Check Prices), UN65JU7100 (65-inches - $2,999.99 - Check Prices), UN60JU7100 (60-inches - $2,499.99 - Check Prices), UN55JU7100 (55-inches - Check Prices$1,799.99), UN50JU7100 (50-inches - $1,499.99 - Check Prices), and UN40JU7100 (40-inches - $1,399.99 - Check Prices),

JU6700 Series: Featuring curved screens, and PurColor technology for enhanced color performance, as well as being offered in a wider range of screen sizes and more affordable price points (especially for curved screens). The sets in this series include: UN65JU6700 (65-inches - $2,699 - Check Prices), UN55JU6700 (55-inches - $1,499.99 - Check Prices), UN48JU6700 (48-inches - $1,499.99 - Check Prices), and UN40JU6700 (40-inches - $949.99 - Check Prices).

JU6500 Series: Featuring flat screens and PurColor technology for enhanced color performance, as well as being offered in the wides range of screen sizes in Samsung's TV line-up as well as being very affordable. The sets in this series include: UN75JU6500 (75-inches - $3,999.99 - - Check Prices),UN65JU6500 (65-inches - $2,299.99 - Check Prices), UN60JU6500 (60-inches - $2,499.99 - Check Prices), UN55JU6500 (55-inches - $1,299.99 - Check Prices), UN50JU6500 (50-inches - $1,099.99 - Check Prices), UN48JU6500 (48-inches - $999.99 - Check Prices), and UN40JU6500 (40-inches - $829.99 - Check Prices).

What I have provided in this post is just the tip of the iceberg as to what is offered on this TVs For more details, including both network and internet streaming options, as well as web browsing, motion and/or voice control features, general specifications, and user manuals (if available), click on each series name (the Official Product Pages for the JS9100 Series was not available yet at the date of this post - will be added). Most of the sets will be arriving on store, or dealer shelves, during April and May of 2015.
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