3 Stories Women Tell That Sabotage Their Success

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Brenda is a bright, talented attractive woman. Unlike most of her friends from high school, she knew early in life what she wanted to do when she grew up. She wanted to go to college, get her accounting degree, work for a couple of accounting firms to get some experience and then be her own boss and open an accounting firm. She's been working for six years and this firm now, opening her own office is a lot harder than she thought it would be. A management position has opened up and Brenda would like to talk to her boss about a promotion but she is terrified. For every valid qualification Brenda for the promotion, she tells herself a hundred stories of why she can't.

We all tell ourselves negative stories. Stories about why we can't, or shouldn't or will fail trying.

Here three common stories women tell ourselves.

I don't have what it takes but she does.

Each of us are born with our own gifts, talents and natural aptitudes. You can make a fish walk like a bear. Having said that your natural abilities account for around 10% of what you are truly capable. The rest of it is mindset, or better said what you tell yourself you are capable of. 'She' is just as talented, just as capable as you are. You are as likely to succeed as she is. The difference between the two is the story we tell ourselves every day. In order to reinvent yourself, you've got to tell yourself a new story.

Timing is not right, I'll do it later.
Once again this myth is based on a partial truth.
Timing is important but there's a lot to be said about just jumping in and getting started. Especially if you're doing something for the first time. Of course you'll make mistakes no matter how much reseach and planning you do but there is a great wealth in hands-on experience.

If I succeed they'll talk about me.

They might. I wish I could say that everyone will be supportive, that they'll be so inspired that they will ask for your help reinventing themselves too. Some will and you will treasure them when they do. Unfortunately most will not and some will go out of their way to say mean and hurtful thing about you, about what you do and how you got to wherever you are at. That's life, that's their story. They live and believe that the god shined on you alone. You know that's just not true, it takes a lot of work and determination. I invite you to choose friends that share your determination and vision. Surround yourself with people who are uplifting to be around. Be upliffting to be around. Be positive, share your story and let the naysayers go. Every good story deserves a great audience.
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