Merits of Solar Panels and Solar Energy

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Packaged interconnected assemblies of Solar cells are known as Solar Panels.
Commonly known as Photovoltaic cells, these panels can be used as a component to supply and generate electricity in residential and commercial areas.
A single panel can produce only a limited amount of power; hence many panels are installed.
These several panels are known as Photovoltaic array.
The conversion of sunlight into electricity is known as Solar Power.
Sunlight can be converted directly or indirectly into electricity.
Directly it can be converted by using photovoltaic and indirectly it can be converted with concentrated solar powers.
Concentrated powers focus on the sun's energy to boil water which is then used to provide power, electricity and other technologies.
The main merits of installing Solar Panels and generating Solar Energy for your home are as follows:
  • It saves electricity bills.
  • Reduces pollution.
  • It does not emit gases like carbon dioxide or methane, thereby reducing contribution to global warming.
  • It is an infinite energy resource as the sun is constantly producing energy for us.
  • It reduces maintenance costs as no fuel or lubricants need to be supplied.
  • After the installation of the appliance, the energy is totally free, thereby reducing your running costs.
  • It is suitable for remote areas which are still not connected to energy grids.
  • It overcomes the problems of accidents involved while using candles or kerosene for domestic use.
Hence, it is beneficial in many ways and so more and more commercial and residential areas are now opting for Solar Power plants to generate electricity.
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