Start Building and Increasing Twitter Followers - Why Is Twitter Important to You?

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  • <P>I have heard it said that Twitter is one of the most important sites, arguing that it is the next Google - not Facebook. Well - it will be fun to watch!</P>
    <P>Part of that thought is due to the fact that they have just made some major updates. The word is Twitter scored a big news win in September, with the release of a complete re-design of the Twitter site.</P>
    <P>In the meantime, you need to get on board the Twitter stream, stick your toe in and feel the water temp - read, write and connect - to help your business grow.</P>
    <P>Check this out:</P>
    <P>1. Your Profile and Landing Page - why is this important? Well, first impressions? What do people see when they come to your page?</P>
    <P>Introduce yourself with an abbreviated intro with a link to your more detailed 'About' page on your Website. Also, if you can, add your Facebook link, here.</P>
    <P>You want people to know what your business is and how to connect with you. Why would someone want to connect with you? Put that in your profile. We all are building relationships, like nurturing a flower - attention to present and future business contacts, connections with possible JVs, or maybe being you'll be offered an interview by someone, could you ask someone to be a Guest Blogger at your blog -</P>
    <P>Do you see what we are trying to accomplish here? If not, contact me right away to explain this further. And, if you do understand, let's talk so we can coach you and broaden your goals and narrow your target.</P>
    <LI>It's amazing to me, that I still see many Twitter profiles with no website info and lots of times with hardly any contacts. Well, I can understand not having many contacts - most people, and I was guilty until recently, don't pay much attention to their emails from Twitter. That's why your own Social Media system can correct this!</LI></UL>
    <P>2. Do you have your own lists that you are involved in?</P>
    <P>Twitter lists is a way to organize the people you're following on Twitter - then you can get a snapshot of the things those users are saying by viewing that list's page, or find new people.</P>
    <P>You can check this out - with a system, decide if a list is interesting enough to look at daily, weekly, etc. And, make connections and get conversations going.</P>
    <LI>This is another thing I've noticed. A lot of times I will send a commenting note, not a sales note, and never receive anything back. What's that all about? Here again, people are forgetting relationship building. Someone is reaching out to them - like a phone call not being returned. Would you not answer or return a call in your business?</LI></UL>
    <P>3. Include your Twitter followers in what you are doing in your business -</P>

    <P>Anyone following needs to know what you are working on - but, remember too many Tweets can be annoying.</P>
    <P>I like sprinkling this with quotes and links of pertinent information.</P>
    <P>4. Look at your followers that you have, and start little conversations - respond back and forth.</P>
    <P>Take a look at what your Twitter streams are doing -</P>
    <P>Recently -I saw a contact on Twitter asking how she could get more connections - so I connected - that was 3 weeks ago - haven't heard anything.</P>
    <P>So, remember not to make this mistake; you are building relationships and it takes your notice and time to nourish that. It is progressive.</P>
    <P>5. Have your articles tweeted and re-tweeted! Ask, if you really want this. You have friends, built relationships - now is the time to ask for their help.</P>
    <P>6. And see if you can re-tweet info that you like from others.</P>
    <P>Always thank anyone for their re-tweets of your information. I have done several re-tweets - no one has ever said thank you for my re-tweets, except for Jeneth Blackert, my mentor!</P>
    <P>This is information that we see wherever we look - but, remember to put your Social Media into a process/system so that it is kept upfront in your mind and the minds of your followers.</P>
    <P>To see a simple but effective system, visit my blog and read a continuation of this article and ask questions.</P>
    <P>Remember, when you make a comment on a blog, there is a linkback to your website/blog. What's this? It helps your SEO and that is really a good thing.</P>
    <P>Also, sign up for my free mini-course: "List Building Blocks" - Grow your list as you learn the <STRONG><EM>3S Strategy</EM></STRONG> for creating and distributing optimized articles:</P>
    <P>S - Search</P>
    <P>S - Sprinkle</P>
    <P>S - Share</P>
    <P>It is great fun - work your systems like you mean it and enjoy the journey!</P></DIV>
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    <P>Donna Ward, BSBM - Certified Jeneth Coach</P>
    <P sizcache="2" sizset="30">Donna Ward will coach you on how to write articles, create information products, and how to market on the Internet to increase your web presence and build a profitable online business. Donna<br>[Reason #1] You can easily have over 5,000 targeted followers on your  twitter account.
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