Business Model Components

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    Customer Service

    • Whether your company is designed to provide a product or a service, you will invariably have customers. These customers may be other businesses or the general public. Either way, there will be a specific group of people that your business is designed to provide services for. One of the most critical components of any business model is identifying the needs of the customer and finding the proper means of filling that need reliably and consistently.

    Economic Climate

    • Another key component of most business models involves examining current economic trends. Recognizing the changing or emerging trends in consumer spending habits and adapting your business strategy to accommodate those changes may be the key to starting a successful business endeavor. Information and communication technology have substantially altered the way many companies or industries function. These shifts in the ways modern businesses work are factors that need to be considered before you launch a business with methods that may no longer allow you to remain competitive.

    Joint Ventures

    • The term "joint ventures" refers to the practice of establishing strong professional ties to other companies that provide complimentary services for your own business needs. This means maintaining alliances and partnerships with other companies on which your company relies or which rely on your company. This may include vendors that you share resources and opportunities with. Joint ventures are something to consider in a business model because they help you find a network of businesses to help you achieve your goals.

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