Top 10 Capitol Steps Comedy CD"s

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Comedy CD's by the Capitol Steps, America's funniest political satire troupe.

1. Springtime for Liberals

Capitol Steps, Songs of 2006 - The latest CD from the nation's funniest political comedy troupe covers everything from the Democrats' takeover of Congress to memorable Bush administration follies to the 2008 presidential race.More »

2. I'm So Indicted

Capitol Steps, Songs of 2006 - The latest CD from the nation's funniest political comedy troupe covers everything from the congressional lobbying scandals to the Supreme Court confirmation of Samuel Alito. Features such classic songs as "Here's to You, Reverend Robertson," "Three Little Kurds from School," and "God Bless My S.U.V."More »

3. Papa's Got A Brand New Baghdad

Capitol Steps, Songs of 2004 - The latest CD from the nation's funniest political comedy troupe covers everything from the Iraq war to the California recall election to the Democratic presidential campaign. Features such hilarious songs as "Gay Dean Believer," ("Day Dream Believer"), "Goodbye, Uday, Qusay," (Goodbye Ruby Tuesday) "Super California Recall Freak Show Was Atrocious" ("Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious") and "Help Rwanda" ("Help Me Rhonda").More »

4. Between Iraq & A Hard Place

Capitol Steps, Songs of 2003 - This CD takes aim at everything from Saddam Hussein and the showdown with Iraq to the 2002 election and Trent Lott debacle. Features such hilarious song parodies as "God Bless My SUV" ("God Bless the U.S.A"), "Hang Down Your Head Tom Daschle," ("Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley"), "I've Grown A Culture in This Place," ("I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face") and "It's Not Easy Being White" ("It's Not Easy Being Green").More »

5. Sixteen Scandals: 20 Years of Sex, Lies and Other Habits of Our Great Leaders

By William Strauss, Elaina Newport, Capitol Steps, 2002 - This hilarious book chronicles America's fertile political history of the last 20 years as told by the Capitol Steps, the nation's funniest political comedy troupe. The accompanying audio CD features 52 musical parodies poking fun at scandals from Reagan to Dubya, including such classics as "Thank God I'm a Contra Boy," "Stand by Your Dan," "Unzippin' My Doodah," and "Son of a Bush."More »

6. When Bush Comes to Shove

pitol Steps, Songs of 2002 - The Capitol Steps provide much-needed comic relief by looking at the lighter side of the war on terrorism and homeland security, while poking fun at everything from Enron's cooked books to Gary Condit's evasive conduct. Features such sidesplitting song parodies as "Shoe Bomb" ("Sh-Boom"), "Enron-Ron-Ron" ("Da Doo Ron Ron"), "Osama Come Out Tomorrow" ("Tomorrow") and "Glory, Paranoia" ("Battle Hymn of the Republic").More »

7. One Bush, Two Bush, Old Bush, New Bush

Capitol Steps, Songs of 2001 - More hilarious song parodies from perennially popular satire troupe taking aim at the historic 2000 election and Florida recount, Clinton's farewell, and the beginning of the Bush era. Includes "Bill's Way" ("My Way"), "Hill'Rita," ("Don't Cry for Me Argentina""), "Candidate Rhapsody" ("Bohemian Rhapsody"), "My Staff Belongs to Daddy," ("My Heart Belongs to Daddy"), and "Keep Strom Alive" ("Stayin' Alive").More »

8. It's Not Over 'Til the First Lady Sings!

Capitol Steps, Songs of 2000 - More great song parodies about the 2000 election, Clinton's exploits, and Y2K, including "Living Libido Loco" ("Living La Vida Loco"), "Son of a Bush," ("Cat's in the Cradle"), "You're so Vague" ("You're So Vain"), "Put Ten Grand in the Hand," and NATO ("Day-O").More »

9. First Lady and the Tramp

Capitol Steps, Songs of 1999 - Brilliant song parodies about Clinton's impeachment and the Monica Lewinsky scandal, plus other gems. Includes "You Say 'IS' Is" ("You Say It Is"), "Over the Bimbos" ("Over the Rainbow"), "Our Love Is Here to Stain" ("Our Love Is Here to Stay"), and "Like a Suburban Drone" ("Like a Rolling Stone").More »

10. Unzippin' My Doo-Dah

Capitol Steps, Songs of 1998 - More uproarious song parodies about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and other affairs of state, including "The Bimbo Collection" ("The Rainbow Connection"), "I Enjoy Being Al Gore" ("I Enjoy Being a Girl"), and "Ol' Man Zipper" ("Ol' Man River").More »
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