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About 9 months ago I was trauling the internet looking for ways to make ISK in the game EVE Online and I came across a ISK making guide called EVE Billionaire.

Like most I was very sceptical about online guides because I've been bitten by the, before. Not in the litteral term but in the cost and content way. Most guides are written by people they don't play the game or have copied peoples content. Even worse, they use niche items that once known about get broken or patched.

Some guides even go as far as trying to encourage you to manipulate bugs or game mechanics which could get your account banned. Stupid! I even brought one guide that claimed it was a ISK making guide but it turned out to be a guide on how to add mining lasers to your ship and to target a asteroid. Yes in a way I guess it was a ISK making guide but not in the way it was advertised.

EVE Billionaire is different. It's awesome for a start. I got the guide late one night (about 30minutes after I had completed the order form) and got to work straight away. Opening the main guide (there are 4 extra guides that come bundled with the main guide but I'll get to them later) and found that it was laid out in a way that I could pick up where I was up to in the game. I already had a character and was ready to start trading with about 200mil of ISK.

The guide told me how and what to look for in the market and how to play smart. I say play smart because anyone or any guide can tell you to sit at your PC all day and play the 0.01 ISK game. That's boring and a waste of time. This guide teaches you how to make more money by not sitting in front of your PC for 23 hours.

Long story short, 9 months later I'm sat on 8bil in ISK and probably half that more in ships, items and stock. (Mainly ships as I'm a PVP'er)

The ISK Making Guide [] is amazing and if you want to change how you play EVE today, then get it.

I was saying before that it comes with 4 extra guides. They are:

  • PVP Guide

  • Trade Skills Guide

  • Niche Markets Guide

  • Scams Guide

I read all guides apart from the scams guide because that isn't the way I play and don't agree with scamming idiots out of ISK. Yes maybe they shouldn't have the ISk if they aren't smart enough to keep it but thats another discussion altogether.

If you want to play EVE Online completely different because you never worry about where your next ship is coming from and have tons of ships in your hangar ready to fly fully fitted and maxed out then get the ISK making guide.

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