How to Have Faster Downloads for the iTunes Store

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    • 1). Quit your email application if it is set to automatically check for incoming messages on a regular basis. This will allow your computer to allocate more bandwidth to downloading material from the iTunes Store.

    • 2). Stop downloading files with your Web browser while accessing the iTunes Store. For example, don't click on a PDF of a product manual from a manufacturer's website while simultaneously trying to download an iTunes Store game.

    • 3). Press the "Pause" or "Stop" control on any streaming music from an Internet radio station or on any streaming video from an online video site.

    • 4). Pause or stop any other application that downloads material, such as FTP or file-sharing programs. Quit any application that uses your webcam to broadcast pictures or videos over the Internet. Quit any online audio or video chat application.

    • 5). Look at each computer connected to your computer network and verify that no one is using a computer to check email, download files with a browser, stream music or videos, or otherwise use bandwidth.

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