Transform Over-Ripe Strawberries into Yummy Quick Bread

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If you find yourself with over-ripe berries, don't throw them away, transform them into this moist dessert. This easy Polish strawberry cake recipe, or ciastka truskawkowy (CHAHSST-kah trrooss-kahv-KOH-vih), would be called a quick bread in English and, therefore, called a chlebek (HLEH-bek) or "little bread" in Poland.

In Eastern Europe, small, wild strawberries grow with abandon and that's what would typically be used here. But this recipe also works with firm, under-ripe and even unsweetened frozen strawberries. Serve this for breakfast toasted, if you like, with a schmear of plain or flavored cream cheese or this Easy Strawberry Butter Recipe. Here are more strawberry recipes and All About Strawberries, the Sensual Fruit..

Here is a larger photo of Easy Polish Strawberry Quick Bread.

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