Seven things to look for in your new air dehumidifier

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Air dehumidifiers are an effective weapon against both excessive heating and cooling bills. In the summer, a dehumidifier works by pulling moisture out of the air. This lowers the humidity rate. Because the humidity rate is lowered, air conditioners, both central and window units, do not have to work as hard and are running more efficiently. This means a lower electric bill. In the winter, units work at lower temperatures taking the dampness out of the air which not only makes for a more healthy environment but by removing moisture any form of heating will work much more efficiently. Some dehumidifier units can also act in reverse and actually humidify an environment keeping air from drying out due to electric, or central heating.

The basic process is that an air dehumidifier works by drawing moist laden air across a cold coil. This coil causes the moisture to condense out of the air and drip down to a tray underneath, which can then be emptied. Many modern air dehumidifiers have loads of extra features to entice consumers. So what should you look for? Well we reckon there are seven things to look for when you buy humidifier.

Seven things to look for in your new air dehumidifier

1. Auto shut-off valve- You do not want your dehumidifier to fill with so much water it overflows. Look for one with a shut-off valve that senses when the water tray is full.

2. A humidistat- Your dehumidifier will use this when functioning as both a humidifier and a dehumidifier. The humidistat senses how much moisture is in the air and shuts off if there is not enough.

3. A frost sensor- The frost sensor can tell if frost is building up on the cold coil. If frost begins to build, the frost sensor will shut the dehumidifier down.

4. Wheels on the base- Wheels ensure you are able to move your dehumidifier from room to room. During the summer months, basements and attics can become more humid than the rest of the house. Owning a dehumidifier with wheels means it can be rolled to either of these rooms.

5. Quiet operation- As with all electrical appliances, a dehumidifier has a motor. Choose one with a quiet motor so you and your family will not be bothered by the noise.

6. Variable settings- Variable settings on the fan portion of the dehumidifier control the speed. This also gives you control over the loudness of the unit.

7. Warranty- Search for a dehumidifier with a warranty over both the electrical housing and the unit. As dehumidifiers can be expensive, a warranty of at least two years is recommended.

if you want to buy humidifier that also acts as an air dehumidifier means you not only keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it also means you are able to breathe better. Dehumidifiers remove allergens and dust from a room as well as adding or removing moisture.
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