Tips to Deal With Stubborn Employees

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An organization is bound to harbor people from various walks of life.
They are different by pedigree and have different set of values.
In order to handle this diversity of characters, an organization essentially hires a human resources department who deals with the nuisance-inviting employees.
Such employees could behave in the way due to the following reasons: •By nature •Inferiority/superiority complex •Perturbed personal life •Wrong pedigree •Lack of knowledge regarding their work •Improper attitude towards work and fellow employees.
The reasons might be many, but the responsibility of the human resources department is to either •gauge the interviewee at the time of the interview or •handle the employee by trying to understand his/her psyche post recruitment It is not an easy task to confront a stubborn employee and make them see reason.
It is solely the responsibility of the HR department to comfort and control the employee while preparing other employees to handle the person.
Not only does it make the environment conducive for everyone, it helps in healing the cranky employee.
A stubborn employee may hamper the overall working environment of an organization and create problem for the employer as well as for the fellow employees.
Five HR tips to deal with stubborn employees •Shrug it off: Do not take the comments personally in order to avoid any emotional trauma.
•Apply self-deprecating humor: It is disarming and a proof of your being a great communicator.
•Feel lucky to be a professional acquaintance: Keep thanking God for not being a kin to such an individual.
At work you can detach from your emotions.
•Say it just once: Repetition may lead to confrontation.
Just say what you have to and move on.
•Be formal: Going over the top might indicate personal rapport.
Keep it as professional as possible to avoid emotional outbursts.
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