Front Door Security-Keeping Burglars Out!

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According to the crime statistics in the past year, Front doors are the burglar's first preference to enter the homes. While considering the advanced security of the homes, front doors should always be given the top priority in the list.

A fact that is often seen to come into limelight is that most of the burglars watch out the home security for a few days before deciding to crack the same. The front doors are always what they watch. A solid front door would have two effects: it will increase a burglar's effort to break the same and secondly, it will discourage him from even trying. More often than not, the image of a well secured door leaves a psychological effect on the burglar's mind when he looks around for easy catches and would probably end up breaking someone else's security than yours.

A well secured front door is often constructed with solid hardwood. The width of the front door should be no less than at least two inches of thickness. The door's frame should always be made up of metal or solid wood. Peepholes on the door often play an important role in the front door security. Moreover, some doors come with a sliding rail hub attached with a chain that restricts the opening of the door to only a few inches and allows you to interact with the visitor face-to-face without the door being fully opened.
Accessories for doors often play an important part when it comes to the security of front doors. Accessories already mentioned, such as peepholes or door lens, and accessories, such as suitable locks and hinges, play a vital role in keeping the home secured.

Whenever you purchase a door, make sure you purchase one which adheres to the quality standards and is not just made for yard decoration. In today's time, the door manufacturers are aware of the needs of the customer and the doors made to comply with both, the security needs as well as the decorative needs. Take the required precautions during the door's installation by first placing the locking system and hinges and then putting in further accessories. Do not forget to get the flaws repaired as and when they come as keeping them unattended for a long time would not be a good idea as far as security of the home is concerned. Always keep your door in good condition and keep in mind that every home begins with a door.

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