Product Creation - What Kind of Products Can You Create For Your Future Prospects and Customers?

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Everybody goes online to look for something.
In other words we all go online looking for information of some kind, whether that's in the form of text, graphics, or audios.
And millions of people go online to learn, discover, or find out something that will help them make a better future for themselves.
That is where we come in, and here there's an opportunity for us to reach out to niche markets and give them what they're looking for in the form of high-value, highly informative products.
Here are some of the kinds of products you can create for your future prospects and customers: E-books.
This is the most popular and easy way to offer information to your future prospect and customers, and is a fantastic way to create low or mid end product ranges, and introductory level material.
There are so many ways to write e-books, and they've certainly become a multi-million dollar industry.
E-courses are an excellent mid range format to offer your prospects, and existing customers of low end products.
Traditionally, you will build a list of customers from an opt-in page and e-courses are the traditional method you would use to deliver and run your e-course.
You could also offer an e-course in the format of a CD or DVD series.
These two options demonstrate the versatility of this kind of product.
One-to-one coaching.
Coaching is usually considered to be, and created to be, a mid to high end product.
Once your existing customers have become familiar, and trusting, with what you have to say in helping them get an understanding of their niche, they will be ready for more in-depth discussion, analysis, and brainstorming for taking their new knowledge a few steps further.
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