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When purchasing an engagement ring, the task can be overwhelming. It is important to know what to look for when buying a diamond ring keeping in mind the tastes and choices of that special someone.

In the traditional sense, an engagement ring has two main parts: the precious diamond and the construction or designed setting it is placed in. It is a good idea to spend some time with that special person who is to receive the ring, looking at all types of settings. This way the appealing designs will present themselves and then from there the time can be spent in consultation with a designer at one of the stores in Perth.

The design will be proofed and presented until full satisfaction is attained. At this time the stone to be set in the ring can be contemplated as the setting will be matched to the stone's shape and size once a budget for the stone is decided upon.

Knowing how much to spend on a designer engagement ring is left to the buyer's discretion, however, some basic rules should apply. If the sky is the limit, there is nothing to worry about in this category. If budget is an issue, we recommend using the two-month's salary rule as a place to begin.

Bear in mind, the vital matter here is the quality and value of this diamond ring that is to be a lifetime ornamental display of love, that can also be passed on through generations. Once a price range is determined, then choices will be easier to make. So buy from a dealer which also provides jewellery insurance services in Perth

Always remember the four C's in choosing a diamond. These four C's are: Clarity, Cut, Carat and Colour. These are the most important factors that determine authentic value of a diamond. Knowing how to judge these grades of diamond quality will save a buyer from purchasing a stone of inferior value.

Clarity measures flawlessness of diamonds based on the imperfections that can be found in most diamonds. If there are flaws the grade will reflect this. Only very rare diamonds have no flaws and these are very valuable diamonds.

Cut is important and this grade is the highest measure of a diamond's value. Shallow cuts will not allow light to return out of the diamond. Trapped light hinders the diamond's brilliance. The best cut is one that bends incident light back out through the top of the diamond, offering fiery intensity in appearance.

Colour measures the purity. If a diamond is white and has no colour, it is the rarest and most precious grade. The weight of a diamond is measured by Carat. This is the ratio between the distance across the top of a diamond to the diamond's cut grade. The larger the carat the more valuable the diamond. Reputable jewellers will offer this information on all their diamonds along with a certificate of authenticity. When looking for designer engagement rings in Perth be sure to ask about the four C's.
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