How to Change Civic Ball Joints

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    • 1). Use a jack to raise the car from the front center point of the vehicle. Loosen the wheel nuts using a breaker bar and a 19-mm socket wrench by a half turn. Continue by loosening the spindle nuts by a half turn using a 32-mm socket wrench.

    • 2). Remove the front wheels from the vehicle by loosening the lug nuts connecting the tire/rim to the vehicle. Alowly lower the wheel to the ground and place it against a wall. Use a set of needle nose pliers to remove the split pins from the lower ball joint. Use the general socket set to loosen and remove the 10-mm bolts that hold the brake line to the steering knuckle.

    • 3). Use a socket wrench to remove the brake caliper mounting bolts. Tap the center of the driveshaft lightly with the head of your hammer to dislodge it from the vehicle. Use the impact gun to remove the 19-mm lower ball joint castle nuts, the 17-mm steering arm and the low-profile nut at the top ball joint. Remove the old ball joints from the vehicle.

    • 4). Remove your new ball joints from the packaging and begin by positioning the medium collar over the back end of the new ball joint and placing it into its intended location. Place the largest collar over the threaded end of the ball joint to protect it from wear and tear. Repeat this process for all of the ball joints in the vehicle.

    • 5). Reassemble the parts of the vehicle in the reverse order from which they were taken apart. Spray all bolts, nuts and new ball joints with WD-40 to allow for optimal performance.

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