Wedding Planning Checklist - Why You Need One

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Any bride about to embark on their wedding planning will need to make use of any tools at their disposal. One such tool is a wedding planning checklist and is probably the most important tool a bride can have in her planning arsenal!

Wedding planning checklists simply list all the necessary elements of a wedding in a time ordered fashion. For instance they will begin around 18 months before the wedding date and will list in order every task that will need to be completed for the wedding to be a success. They can be freely obtained from bridal magazines, wedding directories, books and of course from wedding websites.

Of course not every bride will be planning a traditional style wedding over an 18 month period, so it will probably be necessary for them to edit their chosen checklist to fit with their plans and timeline. Whether you copy on to your computer or download one and edit it further, you need to make sure your wedding planning checklist has everything you want for your wedding day and is properly organized.

Using a checklist is simple, complete a task and check it off! What is great about a planning checklist is that they can show you easily what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. They can also show you at a glance how your wedding planning is progressing and if you are on course to get everything in place on time. Some checklists are more comprehensive than others, but it can be worth getting hold of two or three and creating your own using them as a template and basic framework for your wedding. This will enable you to ensure your checklist is tailor made for your wedding and includes everything you want.

There are many different wedding planning tools available to brides, but a good wedding planning checklist will help you to stay organized and on top of your planning. They can also facilitate mini-checklists which are useful the closer you are to your wedding day and when you have many more things to achieve before the day itself. Use your checklist to write a mini checklist of tasks on a daily basis, which will be more detailed and comprehensive.

Be sure to keep an original copy of your checklist on your computer so you can edit later on if you need to and keep a printed copy with your wedding planning notes so you can refer to it quickly if you need to. It may also be a good idea to give copies to your groom, maid of honor and your parents so they can help you as well.
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