One Way To Make Money Writing Articles

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Everybody is talking about making money with article writing.
There are so many different ways to do it it should be easy.
But the fact is, it's not.
Probably because there are so many different ways, people get frustrated by trying to do everything at once.
What you need to succeed in making money with articles is ONE idea.
Just one method you can focus on and work at that will make you a few dollars.
I have always believed it was easy to make a million dollars.
Just find a way to make a dollar and repeat it a million times.
I suspect that many of my readers today have not made one red cent on the internet.
Many more have probably made a little bit of money, but just can't seem to get over the hump.
I struggled with that hump for a long time my self.
I had a few websites that made some much welcomed money, but it wasn't enough to quit working or anything like that.
Then one day, I was sitting right where you are now.
I was reading an web page that made sense.
In a nutshell, he said "Find a product and start writing at least 3 articles a day to promote it.
heard it a million times.
The difference was that this guy urged me to give up everything else I was not making money at while I did this.
I put everything else on the back burner and started writing the articles for an affiliate product.
Here is what happened for the first 30 days (afterwards it just kept growing).
For the first week, I got a few clicks and no sales.
Week Two brought over 100 clicks and my first sale.
Week Three saw 150 Clicks and two more sales.
Week Four was up to 325 clicks and 3 more sales.
In just 60 days My article effort for that one product was netting me a sale a day on average.
And all this money is being generated solely because of the articles I write that relate to the product.
Quit wasting time on all the things that are not making you money and focus on this one way that works for everyone if they write enough articles.
I consider that to be at least 100, and the more the better.
If you have been struggling with increasing your sales, commit to this one way of making money for just 30 days and you will see the results first hand.
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