How to Propagate From Tip Cuttings

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    • 1). Combine equal parts peat moss and vermiculite or perlite to make the rooting medium. Place the medium in a 5-inch diameter pot, filling the pot to within 1 inch of the rim.

    • 2). Fill a shallow tray with water. Set the pot in the water so the medium can absorb the moisture and become evenly damp. Remove the pot from the tray once the surface of the medium appears moist.

    • 3). Cut a 3 to 4 inch length of stem with shears. Choose a stem with healthy leaves at the tip. Strip the excess foliage from the bottom 1 inch of the stem.

    • 4). Pour a small amount of rooting hormone, available from florists, into a bowl. Dip the bare, cut end of the cutting into the rooting hormone and coat it completely.

    • 5). Push the cut end of the cutting into the growing medium just deep enough so that it stands upright on its own.

    • 6). Place the pot in a plastic bag and tie the bag closed. The bag retains a high moisture level during rooting. Set the pot in an area that receives bright, indirect light.

    • 7). Open the bag after two to four weeks. Gently tug on the cutting. If there is resistance the cutting is rooted, if not close the bag and check again at one week intervals.

    • 8). Leave the bag open once the tip cutting is rooted. Remove the bag gradually over the course of one week. Water the potting medium if the surface begins to dry.

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