What"s on an Employment Screening Background Check? Shocking Information You May Not Be Aware Of!

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As the economy worsens and more and more people are losing their jobs, companies are becoming more stringent on who they hire.
During the hiring process, most employers will get your permission to run a pre employment screening background check.
This background check allows them to verify everything on your application and even get some more information on you.
Here's some of the stuff they can pull up after you agree to the check: Criminal Records (misdemeanors and felonies) Your Current and Previous Addresses Your Neighbors Names Alias Names (nicknames or other used names) Sex Offender Registry Check Your Property Information (Home prices) Any Bankruptcies, Liens, or Judgments against your name As you can tell, they can pretty much see anything that's ever been publicly recorded to your name and social security number.
Sometimes however, this information is improperly recorded or not recorded at all.
The only way to know what will ultimately show up is to run a pre employment screening background check on yourself to know what might possibly appear when they do it.
Many times people will leave out information like that minor in possession of alcohol they received when they were 18, or the reckless driving charge they received 5 years ago thinking that it couldn't possibly show up.
These are the things that employers are looking for to ensure you are being honest on your application.
Luckily many companies have gathered this information and compiled it in order for anyone who wants a report to get one for a small fee.
Don't risk your next job on what may or may not show up on that report.
It's always better to be safe rather than sorry.
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