Thumb Joint Pain: The Number One Cause

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Pain in your thumbs joint can be caused by many things.
One of the most common causes of the joint pain is carpal tunnel syndrome.
If you feel numbness or tingling in your thumb chances are it is carpal tunnel syndrome.
The pain can also be a from of arthritis known as osteoarthitis.
Osteoarthitis causes a swelling and a lot of pain in the thumbs joint.
This can make it hard to perform normal day task.
Even buttoning your pants can become difficult.
If you have carpel tunnel syndrome or osteoarthitis there are a few things you can do to help the pain.
If its arthritis you can rest your thumb as often as possible.
The pain from arthritis is a reaction to irritation and inflammation of the thumb.
If you have carpel tunnel you should try to exercise the thumb to get the tendons and muscles loose.
One of the most common pain relievers is over the counter medicine such as ibuprofen.
This will relieve the pain from arthritis and carpel tunnel, but pain medications are only temporary and will never resolve the true source of the pain.
They can also make a person dependent on them for day to day use.
Using cold dunking will work for both carpal tunnel and arthritis.
You should get a pale of cold water and dip your thumb in it for five to ten seconds.
Leave your hand out of the water until the cold feeling wears off.
Then dunk your hand again for another five to ten seconds.
You will want to repeat this process for around twenty minutes or until the pain has gone.
Cold and heat can also help with the pain.
You should apply a cold compress to your thumb for about five minutes, and then apply a hot compress for about five minutes.
You can repeat this for up to twenty minutes, or until the pain goes away.
This is a great pain reducer that can help with the inflammation.
You should also consider a thumb exercise plan.
This will actually help stop the symptoms for good.
You can mask and conceal the pain, but nothing is better than getting rid of the pain for good.
Thumb exercises are very simple and can be dome in under ten minutes a day, and relieve symptoms for good in as little as two weeks.
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