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The International Baccalaureate is a world organization which is known and famous for its work towards providing education to various students around the world.

This organization is a nonprofit organization which has courses designed in a way to provide education to students right from the age of three years to the age of nineteen years old. The comprehensive design of the course helps the students to become more in depth knowledgeable of the course and subject which they have taken up to study. The course develops the students' intellectual, social, personal and emotional skills in a way that they can successfully encounter the world as their arena.

There is a very large number in consideration of schools which are providing, if not all, but at least one of the courses which the International baccalaureate has designed are being offered by the schools.

The total number of such schools comes to around three thousand five hundred and eighty eight schools across the one hundred and forty five countries which contain these IB schools. Out of these only two thousand four hundred and twenty two schools are authorized by the IB to teach the diploma program courses designed by the IB. The remaining schools are the ones which teach the Primary year programs and the Middle year programs.

Over these programs there are certain courses which have been designed and are being offered by the IB schools in a way of revision courses. These courses come in handy for those students who would like to brush up on a particular subject before beginning an advance or superior level of study in that subject.

IB-revision course allows the student to renew his or her knowledge of the basics which are important to have a strong hold on in order to be able to excel and understand the higher level portion of that subject.

The summer course is like an add on help and also a brush up over the summer which will help the student in the coming part of the course and also lay a better foundation for the coming year of college after the summer break.

It can be considered as the summer school concept as is done in various high schools around the world which offer special coaching like classes in the summer break in order to help and aid those who need the extra focus and also as a basic development class for the subjects and the terms to be based in the next year which will commence after the summer.

These mid-summer courses do not last for the entire summer but they are held mostly over a period of four to six weeks over which the students can study for the special courses which they would like to either in order to brush up or develop the basics and concepts in their minds and chosen subjects and like this the courses also allow some free time over the summer break.
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