When Is the Best Time of Year for a Recruitment Software Upgrade?

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Is your recruiting software top notch? December is a great time of the year to make sure it's top of the line, but wouldn't it be nice to have an applicant tracking system with automatic updates? Indeed, given the positive control and lower costs associated with software as a service (SaaS) applicant tracking, wise is the business entrepreneur who makes provisions for recruitment tracking software with automatic updates.
Cloud computing may still be in its initial euphoria, but, already, it comes laden with more gifts than Santa for every recruiter this Christmas.
Ease of Use As a business application software-as-a-service (SaaS), many Web based recruitment tracking software are simple enough to operate that in most cases, everything can be handled by the customer, no need even for help from I.
Although, initially, a representative of the applicant tracking provider may be called in to set up the service, all subsequent configuration tweaking can be done by the customer himself.
From there on, all the client has to do is log in and run his applications as desired.
Flexibility and Speed Web based applicant tracking gives the customer a practically unlimited computing capacity, and the option, on demand, of even greater capacity in the event of any surge of extra workloads.
In addition, providers may be connected to a group of communications networks run by several commercial companies providing the major high-speed serving the country.
As a result, reliability and fast response times are assured.
Maintenance-free Operation Using Web based applicant tracking, customers are assured of maintenance- and worry-free operations, leaving the maintenance of the infrastructure and the applications to the service-as-a-software service provider.
Under this arrangement, data is stored externally "in the cloud," although copies may be kept in-house.
Given the right tool, recruiters can now do that which they do best: recruit.
As the recruiter can view the application itself on one screen, his work becomes less tiring.
From there, everything the recruiter needs to do he does within easy reach.
He can make changes on individual pages as needed, same way that he can create notes like "Did not make requirements," "Interviewed, no offer," "Interviewed: offer extended, hired.
" The recruiting software likewise provides a comprehensive summary about short listed candidates, a history that could be viewed 7/24, something not possible with server-based applicant tracking systems.
This feature is especially useful were the recruiter's scope of operations involves different time zones.
The recruitment tracking software likewise generates an auto respond acknowledging receipt of every application as it comes.
As the recruitment process progresses, the recruiter may correspond with an applicant by e-mail.
The cover letter, resume, and notes of short listed candidates are then forwarded to the requisitioning manager for decision.
As you can see, cloud computing using Web based recruitment tracking software is nothing short of revolutionary, changing the way recruiters work for the better.
With a tool like that, who'd want to be left out of all updates? So when is the best time of the year for a Recruitment Tracking Upgrade? The answer would have to be an unqualified "NOW.
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