Types of Assessment Tests

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    • A career assessment test is designed to provide individuals with direction in choosing a career. The tests analyze a person's interests or strengths and suggest occupations which compliment those interests. Career assessments may be taken via the Internet, written testing or through a specialized facility.


    • An aptitude test assesses logical reasoning or one's ability to think successively. The tests are administered with strict conditions and are typically multiple choice and timed. These tests may be taken online, providing immediate test results, or written, depending on the preferences of the person or company administering the test. Aptitude test subjects include data checking, work sampling or verbal, mechanic, abstract, numeric and spatial reasoning.


    • Personality assessments reveal whether a person's an introvert, extravert, thinker, judger, intuitive or perceiver. The test typically asks the taker to choose behaviors and feelings that resemble their everyday interactions professionally and personally. Personality tests results provide an overall idea of a dominate personality accompanied by an in-depth review of recessive personality types.


    • A reading test is designed to evaluate a person's ability to comprehend the purpose and meaning of the written word. The tests feature short stories or paragraphs and questions pertaining to the passages to evaluate the takers ability to identify important facts or details within the text. Reading tests are typically multiple choice.

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