So What Exactly Is Paintballing?

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Paint balling is in fact, at least according to recent polls, the fastest growing sport in Europe, dispite the fact that paint balling isn't classed as mainstream sport, there are plently of people who have no idea what paint balling is and what it's all about!

Pain tballing was first started in the early 80's in America, which was a very basic form of paintballing, the idea was to shoot each other with these "paint-filled pellets", which we know today as paintballs, from a compresses gas powered gun, we now call a paintball marker. Teams used to have complete objectives, very much like we do today.

Paint balling can be played inside or outside, depending on the location you go, paintballing locations range from just paintball fields, to complete game zones, usually you'll find paintballing centres to be within the woods, allowing you to use the natural woodland to play.

Ths sport is probably most known as a very painful game, well that's somewhat true, depending on how you look at it, but it's proven that going paintballing is safer then playing Rugby, football and believe it or not, it's even safer then playing golf!

Getting hit by a paint ball can hurt, depending on the power of the gun, how far away you were from the paintball and if it splits or not. I've found that the paintballs that hit you and bounce off, hurt slightly more, but when your in a paintball game, you really don't feel the pain, although usually you'll come home with a couple of bruises!

Paintballing is great fun, I'm always trying to get people into it and trust me, it's very addicting! Don't delay, book your paintballing day today! It's a great way to enjoy a lovely day outside, or even more fun in the rain and mud! Haha
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