Ladybug Wall Decorations

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    • Ladybug wall decor includes wall decals, wallpaper borders, painted canvases, art prints and ladybug-themed wall letters for spelling out names or initials. Ladybug wall decor can be found at department stores or online retailers.


    • Traditionally, the ladybug is red with black polka dots. However, the colors can be changed to complement other decor. You might want purple ladybugs with pink polka dots or pink lady bugs with brown polka dots.


    • Ladybug decor can be used alone or in combination with a bug or garden theme. Ladybug decor can easily be suited for infants, toddlers and young adolescent girls. Parents who feel comfortable with using acrylic paints and canvases may find that they can create their own ladybug art for their little girl's room.

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