How to Sew a Permanent Crease

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    • 1). Press the crease into the fabric in the position you want it. When sewing pants, front creases generally begin where any pleats or darts around the waistline end. Back creases generally start at the crotch level. Set the iron to the temperature suitable for the fabric and use steam to create a hard crease along the entire length of the fabric.

    • 2). Place a pin at the point where you wish to stop stitching the permanent crease at the top of the garment.

    • 3). Place the pressed fabric into the sewing machine at the bottom of the garment, positioning it to sew 1/16-inch away from the folded edge of the crease.

    • 4). Stitch along the entire crease slowly and carefully to ensure that you sew straight. Stop stitching when you come to the pin. Remove the fabric from the sewing machine and remove the pin.

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