How To Undo A Breakup

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Have you just been through a bad breakup? Are you completely lost in sadness? Do you watch romantic comedies all the while crying with a mess of tissues around you? Are you tired of being so heartbroken? It takes a lot of energy to get over a breakup.
First you have to deal with the pain; then getting used to being alone again; rearranging your life so you don't have so much free time on your hands...
Why not put all that energy into figuring out how to a breakup and getting back with the person you are so in love with? Why waste energy on negative feelings that will only make you worse before making you better? So, how to undo a breakup: first, get help.
You can get all sorts of tips and advice from your friends, or you can do it the serious way and follow a unique method that has undone breakups for a lot of couples out there.
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Because, why should you miss out on the fun? Follow a few simple rules, take a few easy steps, each time carefully acting out the instructed advice and find your way to your relationship once again, with your true love back in your life.
Does it sound too good to be true? Do you believe there exists a plan that you can easily stick to on how to undo a breakup? Can you put your faith in a simple program that can get you back in your ex's heart once more? You see, what I can tell you right now is that the strategies how to undo a breakup and to get your ex back are very counter intuitive.
All you feel like right now is call them all the time, contact them, talk to them, now.
- Don't.
It's going to push them even further away.
You obviously feel insecure, don't know how to act around them, want to just please them and give them everything they want if only they take you back.
- Don't.
Insecurity is not sexy, it does not make you desirable and it will not undo a breakup.
Especially if you are a guy and you are trying to get your girlfriend back, that kind of behavior was probably one of the reasons (even if subconsciously) why she left you in the first place.
Either way, both men and women love the challenge.
They love the chase.
And they will sometimes tell you or signalize you wishes that are neither good for them nor that they actually really want you to fulfill.
Always getting what you want is boring.
There is no chase involved.
Think about the time before you were a couple.
When you just came together.
Wasn't that exciting? Wasn't that a feeling you both loved? And didn't that result in very powerful emotional reactions, attraction, desire?
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