Can We Recover Files Which Are Deleted

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As all we know,to delete a file in the windows operating system can be "delete" key to delete, when files are put into the Recycle Bin, if the need to restore files can be directly in the recycle bin recovery, but sometimes people are accustomed to press "shift + delete" key to delete files, In this case the file is deleted will not go directly into the recycle bin, if the need to restore, it is necessary the help of data recovery software.

Can we recover files which are deleted by someone press "shift+delete" key?

Of course,to delete files not means the files never be back.

Diskgetor data recovery is a file recovery tool to recover files after youpress "shift + delete" key to delete a file. Recovers database files, images, zipped files, media files, sound files, graphic files, archive files and other file types. Supports diskgetor data recovery from hard drives having NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 file systems.

here is the way to tell you how to recover files after delete files:
As we all know, a new hard drive before use must be for its partition, formatting operation. Different regions store different data, in this place we are only concerned about "List zones" and "data zones." After a hard disk formatted, it will automatically generate "directory zones" and "data area" and this "directory zone" is a store "data area" of the data retention of location information, "data area" is responsible for the preservation of all the file data.
When we implemented the so-called "completely remove" command, the system is actually only the "directory zone" in the records of the file status information a status flag is set to "delete", this time, the system will know that the document was originally occupied by the hard disk the region is idle, and if user requirements then store the new file, the system can be piece of free hard disk space allocated to the new file. In the new file to store operation has not yet been "completely removed" file is still present in the hard drive. From the above analysis, we know why to say "completely remove" is not completely the. Thus, through the system's "completely remove" and delete the files may be re-find them again.
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