How to Build a Cement Stone Wall

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    • 1). Measure the length of the area where you will be placing the cement stones. Place a single stone on each end to visibly see where the wall will end. Put on your knee pads and gloves.

    • 2). Hammer in a stake one inch behind the first stone, and then hammer another stake on the exact opposite side of the stone, again one inch out. Do this for the stone on the other end as well.

    • 3). Wrap string around the stake on both sides of each stone. Then, wrap string around a stake on one end of the row and attach it to the corresponding stake on the other end of the row. This will tell you how wide to dig the trench that will fit the first layer of stones.

    • 4). Dig a trench into the soil. You will know how far to dig once you see the color of the soil changing. The trench should be at least six inches deep. Place one end of the ruler in the trench to measure the height you have been digging.

    • 5). Place a 3-inch layer of paver base along the floor of the trench. The paver mix is made of crushed stone and stone dust. Pack it down tightly and place one inch of stone dust over the paver base layer.

    • 6). Place one stone into the trench on one end. Half of the stone should be in the soil and the other half should be above ground. Apply pressure with a few taps of the rubber mallet to lock it into place.

    • 7). Lay the entire first layer stones next to each other in the trench. Fill gaps in between the stones with dirt and stone dust.

    • 8). Apply a thick bead of adhesive to the top of the stones, and then lay one stone on top of each stone in the trench. Fill the gaps with stone dust, and continue layering the stones with adhesive until the height of the wall is complete. Allow the adhesive cure for 24 hours.

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