A Lack of Money Causes Depression - Increase Income to Overcome Depression and Poverty

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Remember the last time you were depressed because you really wanted something but there was no money or you were short of the money it required? Remember the disappointment you felt in yourself? Did your mind start to tell you that you somehow fell short of your own self-goals and self-worth? If you relate to those questions, I am with you.
I hate not having money for something that is important to me.
I hate not having money for something I simply desire! I am not going to hide it, because it is the truth and only the truth has brought me to the point that I have now reached.
I want to help you reach your financial goals by teaching you how to work from home on the internet and make money.
I want to help you feel good about yourself.
I love to be around happy people.
Sad, depressed and broke people have low self-esteems and tend to have the magical dark powers of bringing others down around them.
I have learned to not hang around those people, in particular.
That is my first suggestion: Get AWAY from losers, who always want a handout, abusers who always try to pull others down to feel good about themselves, and users who only come around when you have something that they can get--and get around people who love life, make money and if not making money at this time are seeking ways to do so, and people who are giving.
These will be the backbone of your success when you need encouragement of any kind.
I know you are a winner, otherwise you would not be reading this article.
You have already determined that poverty is an ugly enemy to you and your loved ones and you have decided that it being broke is No Life For You! Financial Success is For You! Good for you! That realization is the first step in obtaining the financial success that you deserve for a healthy and prosperous lifestyle and mentality.
You have to decide to change your life if your self-esteem is lacking and is in direct proportion to a lack of money.
The question is how? It starts with direction.
You would profit from sitting down with a pen and paper and make a list of exactly how a lack of finances is affecting you and directly relate the list to Where it affects your life.
You can start by making a column list.
It can be ten columns long and in each column you write down a name for the depression.
Here is an example: 1.
Income 2.
Appearance 3.
Friendships 4.
Romance 5.
Fun 6.
Bills 7.
Charity 8.
Goals 9.
Education 10.
Family Then, you would write under each subject how not having money is affecting your overall life in this area and how it makes you feel.
By doing so, you will pinpoint the source of your depression deep down within and simultaneously treat it.
Being able to recognize the problem is the first step to a resolution.
Under income, for example, you would write down that you feel as if you failed in life because you are living paycheck to paycheck.
Because I feel as if I have failed myself, I feel depressed.
And under the subject of Appearance: I do not care about my appearance and have let myself go.
I cannot even afford to buy makeup.
This makes me feel bad about myself on the outside, I am embarrassed to go around people and so I stay alone.
This makes me feel depressed.
So, you go down the list and pinpoint the exact way that a lack of money affects you in all aspects of your life with honesty.
Do not be easy on your feelings--trying to protect yourself from sadness.
The entire task is done to change the sadness and to do so, it has to be honestly addressed.
There is no embarrassment for you at this point, because no one else has to ever see it! This is for you to make a change! If money has kept you from getting and education for anything that will bring you success, you should address it.
It can simply be a self-help book, article, publication or online class about goal-setting.
Search your memory for something that you did not get because you felt that you could not afford it.
When you passed the opportunity up, you did not get the help that you could have given your own self.
So, now that you have a few examples of how having no money affects everything about you, you can work on your remedies.
There is a remedy for depression just as there is a remedy for poverty! Once you have completed your task of identifying the problems that a lack of finances has caused, you attack the problem vigilantly! You become a roaring lion and the prey is depression and poverty.
You will win! The way to attack, is to now set goals to correct each identified source of depression.
In the matter of education, since we have used it as an example previously, you would set a goal to get some knowledge in ways to make money! So, you buy a Making Money Training Course! It must be AFFORDABLE for you! IF you start out with the thought that you CANNOT AFFORD to spend money for education, you will never get the self-help you need to overcome poverty.
Education has changed the lives of countless people who even started out as bums on the street and are now millionaires! These are the types of education you might want to focus on because going to college right now might not be the avenue you want to start at.
For some, that is perfect, but it is very costly.
Since your pockets are to let, you want to start out with something that is not too much money.
But, the main point is to GET Some Knowledge on making money! If you have a computer, you can use it to get online training in making money.
You will kill two birds with one stone here.
You have gotten some education and you have gotten education that will show you how to make money.
Money will start coming in as you learn.
If you are extremely desperate and need extra money really fast just to be able to get the education, you can help the economy by recycling.
If you do not have any bottles and plastic to recycle...
start keeping it for future income.
Also, you can do an even greater service and go to your neighbors and let them know that you have started a neighborhood recycling effort to combat global warming! Let them know that you will pick up any recyclables for them each Saturday and if they would leave it outside at the sidewalk, you will be happy to dispose of it for them! You have done a service to your community(and you can also put this under charity), to your earth, your health, and your income! You can feel good about yourself-you are making some major progress against depression! Be sure to use some of the money to invest in your financial future and get some education on how to make money.
The internet offers you the easiest, fastest and most profitable way to do this AFFORDABLY! Would you like to be the person that you know in your heart that you are? Would you like to have money to be generous to those who need help, the brokenhearted, the hopeless, those whom you love and even like? Heck, even to be a LITTLE generous to those you do not like? I have learned in my years that a major source of self-esteem is not only in my success, but to be good to those who tried to make me lose.
That is a real picker-upper! When you help someone who meant you harm in the past, they are put in their place forever! You can feel good about that!! Raise the bar on your self-esteem for your health, for obtaining goals, for your family and friends and simply for being able to feel good about making a lot of money.
You can help others that you know need help to make money too, once you learn how.
That alone will raise your self-esteem, because helping others is an excellent character trait to possess.
You know how it feels when you really need help and you know not a person in the world who can or will help you.
So, all I ask in return for helping you to achieve the financial freedom and self-esteem you deserve, is that help someone else who is DESERVING of a chance to succeed by sharing this article with them.
They may need it even more than you! Success To You and Enjoy Doing Great Things For Yourself and Others! Get Started on That List and Change Your Life!!
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